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New courses 2021 New Year

bullet Currently, all classes are held online. Learn Japanese by ZOOM / Skype! 

Group Lessons for Beginners

This is a complete beginner course.
After 10 lessons, you can briefly introduce yourself in Japanese.
You can also use several verbs to talk about weekend schedules and recent actions.
If the lesson goes smoothly, you can use adjectives to express your impressions.

​~ Morning class ~
 Max number:5 Min number:3
Date:Monday / Wednesday / Saturday
 Lesson time:1.5 hour (9:30-11:00)
Course fee : £250 
*Application fee (£36) not included

~ Weekday Afternoon ~
 Max number:5 Min number:3
Date:Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
 Lesson time:45min (12:30-13:15)
Course fee : £200 
*Application fee (£36) not included

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JLPT preparation course

This course is for learners who want to challenge and pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
The teachers will give you an accurate answer to your question.
You can participate by choosing the day and time you like.

 Japanese level:JLPT N2 / N1
 Maximum number:6 
 Lesson time:2 hours 
 Lesson days: Tuesday / Wednesday 
 Course length: ー

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