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  I’ve been studying at Alpha for more than two years and I highly recommend their courses to anyone interested in learning the Japanese language at every level. One of their strongest point is that all lessons are conducted entirely in Japanese, so it’s possible through immersion to obtain a deeper comprehension and practice everyday conversations. All the tutors I’ve been studying with have been very competent, kind and encouraging, always bringing fresh and interesting content and making lessons very enjoyable. I look forward to my lesson every week 🙂



 I wanted to learn Japanese systematically to improve my speaking skills so I can talk to my Japanese friends and colleagues better. I enjoy one to one lessons with Alpha as it allows me to speak Japanese for the duration of the lessons and ask questions as and when. Following a syllabus to learn new grammar and vocabulary also helps broaden the ways I can express myself. It makes a difference with a teacher present as I can learn about related topics outside the context of the textbook and also check whether sentences sound natural in everyday conversation. I can feel my skills slowly improving and with it my confidence levels. Japanese friends around me have fed back that I can speak more fluently than before!



  I started learning Japanese at Alpha as a complete beginner, but what was originally just a hobby for me has now become something that I use as part of my work at a multinational company. The lessons at Alpha are fun, the teachers are friendly and there are different courses available to suit my needs, and overall I feel that studying at Alpha has been a very rewarding experience for me.



 I started at Alpha five years ago with hardly any Japanese knowledge, and now I have passed all proficiency exams but the last, I feel confident having conversations in Japanese, and can read articles and books written for Japanese people. But apart from that, probably the most important factor is that I have had lots of fun, met some lovely people, and felt part of a family more than a school. Highly recommend it!



  Alpha’s work is outstanding! Right from the start it was obvious that they care about their work and take time to do it correctly. I especially liked the fun nature of the lessons and the experience they have. They are flexible with times and very patient, which is just perfect!