Alpha Japanese Language School in London since 1999
Alpha Japanese Language School
Weekday 9am-9pm / Saturday 9am-5pm

About us

Our Successful History

bullet  Alpha Japanese Language Institute, the memorial institute of Ohki Hayashi, an authority on Japanese language and a member of the Ministry of Education's National Language Council, was established in 1987 as a Japanese Language School for foreign professionals in Japan.

bullet  Alpha has an excellent reputation as a school that provides lessons given by teachers from many fields with broad international backgrounds. It is held in high regard by diplomats, educators, and business people from various fields, such as finance, IT, trading and tourism.
Our London school was established in 1999 and has been successfully attracting students from all over the world.

  • 1987 – established the Tamachi (Mita) School in Tokyo
  • 1989 – established the Tateshina Seminar House in Nagano
  • 1990 – established the Toranomon School in Tokyo
  • 1996 – improved the Toranomon facility and made it our Headquarters
  • 1999 – established the London School in Covent Garden
  • 2000 – established the Umeda School in Osaka
  • 2001 – started offering accredited Japanese courses at beginner and intermediate levels in co-operation with the Department of linguistics, Language and Culture at Birkbeck College, the University of London.
  • 2003 – established the Bangkok School
  • 2003 – established the Head Quarters building in Kioicho (Tokyo)
  • 2010 – established the Philippine School
  • 2011 – established the Paraguay School
  • 2011 – established the Napal School
  • 2012 – established the Yokohama School in Kanagawa
  • 2015 – established the Cambodia School 
  • 2015 – established the Vietnam School

Our Excellent Japanese Teacher Training

bullet  Alpha is also known as a highly regarded training school for teachers of Japanese. We offer Japanese teacher training with a curriculum based upon the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs model for teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language, which is certified for career development by the Japanese Ministry of Labour. We aim to produce teachers of Japanese with solid academic knowledge of language learning, the flexibility to cope with any classroom context and integrity as a professional.
bullet  The course consists of various modules such as general linguistics, general phonetics, Japanese history, teaching practice, English for teaching Japanese and foreign language pedagogy for teaching Japanese,. Our graduates start their careers as teachers of Japanese at language schools, at universities or on governmental schemes both overseas and in Japan, whilst others continue to pursue their academic careers as researchers. Alpha is proud of its graduates, who contribute to Japanese teaching all over the world.