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Cool Japan course

bullet This course takes you out of the stuffy textbooks and focuses on the real Japanese used in emoji, anime, J-pop, etc.
bullet Then, in this course, you will practice using them in real communication.
bullet This is a one-off class, so you can take it whenever you want.

Cool Japan course

  • ・Levels:Beginner~Advanced
  • ・Class sizes: Group / Minimum 3
  • ・Lesson held: Irregular held (see calendar)
  • ・One hour session
  • ・Drop-in is available
  • ・Lesson fees: £15 / lesson (Internal students)


Content of each class

1. Emoji lesson

 Emoji are used everyday in short messages and social networking sites.
 Do you know the correct meaning of each of them? ⁉😂👉📛
 In this lesson you will learn how to use emoji correctly, as they are often misunderstood.

2. Japanese in Anime

 In fact, the Japanese language often heard in Anime contains a lot of impractical words/phrases.
 Learn how to use modern, correct phrases in this lesson.

3. Learn from JPOP

 You will learn words and phrases from J-Pop lyrics that you can use in everyday conversation.
 Sing along and enjoy learning.

* Please contact us for the next dates of each class.