Alpha Japanese Language School in London since 1999
Alpha Japanese Language School
Weekday 9am-9pm / Saturday 9am-5pm

Academic course

bullet There courses are mainly for studying abroad and exam preparation.

JLPT preparation

This course is for learners who want to challenge and pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. The teachers will give you an accurate answer to your question.
You can participate by choosing the day and time you like.

 Japanese level:Beginner 
 Maximum number:8 
 Lesson time:1.5 hours / 2 hours 
 Lesson days: Monday ~ Saturday 
 Course length: ー 

Full time class

Suitable for people who wish to improve quickly or/and study Japanease to a high level. After 6 months students will be able to communicate comfortably in everyday situations.

 Japanese level:Complate beginner 
 Maximum number:5 
 Lesson time:3 hours 
 Lesson days:Monday – Friday 

 Course length:6 months / 1 year  


Intensive class

Perfect for those who want to study intensively, such as those who travel to Japan or take exams.

 Japanese level:Complate beginner 
 Maximum number:3 
 Lesson time:2 hours 
 Lesson days:Monday – Friday 

 Course length:1week ~ 8weeks  

KANJI class

     coming soon