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Alpha Japanese Language School
Weekday 9am-9pm / Saturday 9am-5pm

Hobby course

bullet These courses are mainly for those who study Japanese as a hobby.

Manga reading class

In this class, Manga is used for textbooks.
Through ”Manga", you will learn not only vocabulary and phrases, but also culture and customs.

 Japanese level:Intermediate ~ Advanced 
 Maximum number:6 
 Lesson time:2 hours 

 Course length:ー 


Travel Japanese class

This class is for those who plan to travel to Japan.
Before you leave for Japan, study Japanese that will help you travel with your family and friends.
It also provides useful information and ithe cautionary notes when traveling to Japan.

 Japanese level:Custom made
 Maximum number:4
 Lesson time:2 hours
 Lesson days:Monday ~ Saturday

 Course length:1 Lesson ~ 

Only conversation class

This is an irregular class held once a month.
Learn new vocabulary and phrases through thematic conversations.
You will have the opportunity to speak with various people in Japanese.

 Japanese level:Beginner ~ Advanced
 Maximum number:ー 
 Lesson time:1.5 hours
 Lesson days: Irregular