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Professional course

bullet These courses are for professional use of Japanese.

Business Japanese class

In this class, students will learn about various scenes in a Japanese company with the goal of being able to use the correct honorifics in appropriate situations.
For example, you can respond by email or phone, introduce yourself to customers, and use appropriate language for subordinates and supervisors.

 Japanese level:Pre-Intermediate ~ Advanced
 Maximum number:6
 Lesson time:2 hours
 Course length: ー 

Career related japanese class

This class aims to improve your Japanese language skills and improve your career.
While learning sentence patterns and vocabulary equivalent to NLP from JLPT N3, you will learn a wide range of Japanese social structures.

 Japanese level:Intermediate ~ Advanced
 Maximum number:6
 Lesson time:2 hours
 Lesson days:Tuesday / Friday

 Course length:- 


Newspaper reading class

This course is for reading Japanese newspaper articles.
Understand the background of the news and have a discussion.
We aim to understand technical terms in various fields such as politics, economy, science, etc. and to be able to read newspapers as much as Japanese.

 Japanese level:Advanced
 Maximum number:6
 Lesson time:2 hours
 Lesson days:Thursday

 Course length:ー