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What's Alpha Japanese School?

bullet Alpha Japanese School London has a vast range of courses to suit all learners, from beginners to the advanced. All of our teachers are native speakers, so quality is assured too.
Our London school was established in 1999 and has been successfully attracting students from all over the world.​

bullet Alpha Japanese Language Institute, the memorial institute of Ohki Hayashi, an authority on Japanese language and a member of the Ministry of Education's National Language Council, was established in 1987 as a Japanese Language School for foreign professionals in Japan.
Alpha has an excellent reputation as a school that provides lessons given by teachers from many fields with broad international backgrounds. It is held in high regard by diplomats, educators, and business people from various fields, such as finance, IT, trading and tourism.

Courses & Classes

● Online lesson

bullet Currently, all classes are held online.
 Learn Japanese by ZOOM / Skype.
bullet See the individual pages for details.

1) Professional course

2) Academic course

3) Hobby course



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